The audience and performers were geographically remote from one another in this production created for the Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster,UK …. one telephone linked the two groups of people together.

The audience were invited to take their seats in some exquisitely designed seating areas in theatre studio, which had been set up for a party. In the centre of the room was a spot lit phone and all around (through multiple speakers) the sounds of a party could be heard: music - phones - bits of conversations....


The performers were not there but at a party in an architects’ office in Cumbria. From time to time the phone rang and members of the audience stepped into the centre of the space to answer it and relay the party to the studio audience.

The work was designed like a symphony, or a party in four acts, different ‘movements’ or soundscapes were triggered each time an audience member answered the phone – their voices were incorporated within the sound-score. The performers eventually sent a fax to the theatre to let the audience know that the event was over.

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