NEW PROJECTS-Teaching Drama in a Virtual Environment - 2018-19

The Virtual Rehearsal Room is designed to facilitate online storytelling and performance collaborations. Located in two towering structures within the Virtual World Second Life, the reheasal rooms include many different studios equipped with interactive features allowing visitors to explore the possibilities of virtual theatre. It also includes readymade interactive performances that can be triggered by visitors.

Commissioned through the University of Gloucestershire's elearning fund. ... CLICK FOR A FLY-THROUGH OF THE VIRTUAL REHEARSAL ROOM...

Virtual Reality in Drama Education - 2019

In a new Virtual Reality project we are collaborating with psychology dept. at University of Gloucestershire to explore techniques for training perfomance students to develop skills in performing in VR . Project Update: developing VR training resources for social work students allowing them to experience client visits in VR. Typical scenarios are presented in naturalistic settings allowing the trainee social worker to immerse themselves in an environment through the VR headset and experience first hand interactions in a series of encounters played out by actors in role.

Void works regularly with students in universities and schools on multimedia theatre projects and performances. Education projects can be customised to meet the needs of particular groups and can be focussed towards a public performance, a digital project, a scenographic or design project.

Performance productions in universities have been based on contemporary adaptations of classic plays including Sheridan’s The Critic, Littlewood’s Oh What Lovely War and Robert Louis Stevenson's The Suicide Club.
Recent education projects have included:
  • a series of workshops in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire schools on the use of digital projects and multimedia in theatre.
  • Work with architecture students on building creative virtual spaces.
  • Private teaching in music and multimedia.

Our education work was recently featured in an article in the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital (2012)

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