Void is a UK based performance company founded by Elizabeth Swift and Peter Ireland whose work over the past 20 years explores and exploits connections between digital media and live theatre.

A moment from Treading Water by Void

"Their dazzling deconstructions have to be seen to be believed,"
Glasgow Herald.

"Theatre for the post-machine age,"
Live Art Magazine.

"A maverick talent… one of the fringe’s visionaries,"
The Sunday Times.

"Compared well to The Wooster Group in style and wry humour,"
Theatre Record.

Cosy reflection from the sidelines this is not; the company dares to imagine, dares us to imagine, what freedom might be. A brilliant show - go and see it.
Glencora Bailey ,'Three Weeks'

An amazing feat … My money was on Time Shifts: Possible Worlds, which very shrewdly bound together the live contributions with an electronic backing track.
Ivan Hewitt, The Daily Telegraph

Void works on local and international scales, seeking out to involve its audience as creative partners in all projects. Since 2010 its work has been presented in 13 countries worldwide and has featured in journal articles and academic conferences.
Void creates theatre, site specific art, virtual performance, and interactive opera, working with actors, musicians, scientists, digital artists, architects and designers. It has produced over 30 projects, many funded by international and national agencies, which explore ancient traditions of theatre through using contemporary digital resources to create a unique approach to live performance.
Recorded interviews, a virtual reality simulation and the story of an evangelist in search of Noah's Ark, and framing the whole as a corporate promotional presentation. Rewards the attentive audience with glimpses of genius.
Andrew Burnett, The List

Critic's Choice - Ghosts - Ibsen for the post-machine age - thought provoking theatre. At last, a Fringe show to take your brain to.
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Void have displayed great artistry and control in integrating performance and technology. This is live art for post-theatre techno lovers.
Steve Bull, Live Art Magazine

Imagine Peter Greenaway making a film of Marlowe's Dr Faustus; that gives you some idea of this one man show.
Mario Relich, The Scotsman,

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