• This site includes multiple stereo soundtracks. It is best listened to on headphones.
    If you are viewing on a tablet and can't hear any sound, you may need to alter your settings to allow it to play autoload elements.

  • This Prologue lasts about 90 seconds. When you see the button marked a sound... use it to move on to Act 1, an excerpt from The Two Sided Boy.

  • Here each click will activate a different strand of music. As you click, the face of Max will gradually appear, looking from his screen to yours.
    We recommend you take your time that way you become more aware of the effect your interaction is having on the music. When the face is complete you can still trigger different sounds - so experiment and explore.

  • This excerpt from The Two Sided Boy is up to 5 minutes long. When you want to leave the piece click on the Epilogue button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the credits and feedback page.

  • NOTE - this site has some large files and involves around 20-25MB of data, so needs a fast connection; We would not recommend attempting it over a limited 3G connection.

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